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Business Management

We work in short and long-term strategic time frames to develop plans for growth and expansion. We help leaders balance risk with growth to achieve measurable, sustainable advancement in their industries. Our financial acumen and understanding of the needs and concerns of small businesses allows us to develop effective short- and long-term plans for business management.

Process Improvement

We look at the nuts and bolts of what a company does and how they do it. With engineering skill, we develop the ‘business infrastructure’ that guides a company day to day. Such infrastructure encompasses its whole business process, including documentation, basic financial and accounting policies and procedures. We strive to constantly improve standard processes to manage performance and inform strategic planning.

Operations Management

Our combination of legal counsel and financial insight lets us give useful guidance for operations and management. We provide effective systems for oversight, operational guidelines and financial controls. Businesses find these to be very useful in improving all aspects of their ongoing operations, including documentation, reporting and cost containment.

Succession Planning

We lay a solid basis for successful transitions by planning for succession throughout an organization. We understand that succession concerns not just the top levels but every level. It is a matter of professional development for everyone. Our careful planning in this area ensures that companies remain stable and even continue to grow during times of transition.

Legal Consulting

We are trusted advisors to small businesses, especially those facing important times of change or expansion. While we cannot give specific legal counsel, we will indicate when, and in what circumstances, you may need to seek legal counsel. We help our clients to consider many critical questions, including corporate structure; government programs for small business; nonprofit organization and compliance; foreign direct investment or foreign owned subsidiaries; the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA); mergers and acquisitions; regulation.

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Partners Fred Schwartz and Dan Regan work directly with founders, owners and managers to guide their companies toward industry leadership. Their insights and counsel are most useful during times of transition, the pivotal moments that all small companies face as they strive to grow.

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